Carmel Motors builds customers for life

Carmel Motors builds customers for life

Carmel Motors Dealership

Here at Carmel Motors, everything we do is geared toward giving our customers the best car-buying experience possible. For starters, every car, truck, SUV and van in our massive inventory reflects our up-front, market pricing. So there’s no need to haggle. And we’ve built relationships with 15+ lenders so we can make sure every customer gets approved for financing at the best rate possible, regardless of credit history.

Sure, we know cars. But more importantly, we know Hoosiers: We’ve lived here all of our lives. We stock our lot with the vehicles our community needs, including many priced under $20k. Other dealerships try to push you outside of your budget. That’s just not our style. We believe your car should fit comfortably into your life, alongside your other expenses.

Our new 5-acre location is packed with cars of all makes and models, at all price points ... plus, trucks, that are both gas and diesel, light- and heavy-duty. And every vehicle receives 3-10 days of intensive reconditioning before it goes up for resale to help make it look and feel like new.

Live outside of Indiana and see the perfect vehicle in our huge inventory? We’re the out-of-state experts! Our prices are so low and our selection is so vast, we ship 3 or 4 vehicles EVERY DAY. Plus, our out-of-state team takes care of the entire process: Title, warranties, registration, state and local taxes, all of it. Whether you live locally or anywhere in the U.S., we’ll ship right to your door. Home delivery is free within 50 miles of our dealership.

Yes, we’re in the car business. But, we’re really in the business of building trust with customers like you. We want Carmel Motors to be your dealership for life, whether you live in Indiana or anywhere across America.